Introducing The Jonquil Trail

A transformative project for Smyrna

The idea of the project currently known as “The Jonquil Trail,” is an uninterrupted paved trail in Smyrna connecting Communities to our Downtown and more. It will help drive economic development, improve the overall quality of life, and increase home value here in Smryna.

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The Jonquil Trail Benefits:

The Jonquil Trail would connect thousands of residents to Downtown Smryna, Publix at Jonquil Plaza, and Cumberland mall area with a roughly 3.3mile uninterrupted long trail.

✅ A clearing for a paved path mostly exists, requiring minimal destruction.

✅ Connect people to activity centers

✅ Proven to be safe; an uninterrupted paved path for pedestrians and cyclists.

✅ Increased value of many nearby subdivisions in the process

A Trail-with-Rail

Rails-with-trails are safe, common, and increasing in number. These trails along active freight lines are valuable assets in providing safe transportation networks for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Many Smyrna Citizens see the need for a project like this. While we have wide sidewalks in Smyrna, many feel unsafe walking along a busy road that is often interrupted by entries/exits to businesses and residences. People have been hit because drivers look for coming cars, not passing cyclists and pedestrians.

Most recent news

Councilman Tim Gould will connect us with Rusty Martin, Director of Community Development to get more information about the land or what public entity would need to be involved in helping make the land available.

Your voice is important

There will be many challenges as we mature this project. We, the citizens, will partner with the city and CSX to develop and grow this concept.

If you have skills or experience that could help, we would love to hear from you.

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